April 4, 2009
Caroline organized her first BCNC event, a hike to the top of Mount Diablo . Read all about it on her blog

February 25, 2009
The Cinequest film festival in San Jose is showing Cut Loose (Los), a Belgian movie directed by Jan Verheyen. More information »

June 23, 2008
A new book on Belgian cooking by Suzanne Vandyck is being offered in pre-sales at a discounted price on

May 5, 2008
Soyeba and Steven Verhaverbeke welcomed their first baby boy Nico Roman on May 5th. We wish the new family lots of happiness.

December 17, 2007
The BCNC is now on the social networking site Facebook. You can check upcoming events, connect to other members, exchange pictures, post comments/announcements/questions, and so on. The BCNC group is an open group. Anyone can join (for free). Visit to sign up and search for ‘BCNC’.

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