2010 Events




January 24

New Year’s Reception, Berkeley

Please see UC parking map.

January 29-31

Ski Weekend, South Lake Tahoe

See December Newsletter

February 28

Luc Tuymans Exhibition, SFMOMA

See January Newsletter

March 27

Fundraiser Event, Hayward

See March Newsletter

April 3

Easter Egg Hunt, Portola Valley

See March Newsletter

April 17

Hike on Mount Diablo Photos

See April Newsletter

May 15

Hike/Wine Tasting/Picnic, Picchetti Winery Photos

See May Newsletter

June 6

Hanna House Visit, Stanford

See May Newsletter (2)

September 3-6

Labor Day Weekend Camping, Sequoia National Park

See August Newsletter

October 10

Oysters BBQ, Limantour Beach, Point Reyes

See September Newsletter

October 17

Lecture by Prof. Patrick Pasture, Berkeley: 'Tocqueville Revisited: a historical Reflection on Religion and Politics'

See September Newsletter

October 23

Salsa Night, San Francisco

See October Newsletter

November 5

SLAC Visit, Stanford

See October Newsletter

November 13

Belgian Dinner at Cafe Bastille, San Francisco

See November Newsletter

December 3

Movie Night "Le huitième jour", Mountain View

See December Newsletter

December 5

Visit of Saint Nicholas, Mountain View

See December Newsletter

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