2008 Events




January 20

New Year’s Reception, Berkeley

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parking info and directions to International House.

February 24

Ice Skating event, Palo Alto

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February 29

Man zkt vrouw Movienight at the Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose

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March 1

Belgian beer, friet/fries, and waffle event with fundraising silent auction

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March 11

Workshop: Making Table Floral Arrangement taught by Belgian floral art instructor Cathy Smit

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March 22

Easter Egg Hunt, Portola Valley

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April 26

Private Lecture by Lieve Joris

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May 9-11

Family Camping, Pinnacles

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May 18

Bay to Breakers, San Francisco

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July 20

Belgian National Day Picnic, Tiburon

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Aug 3

Outdoor Sculpture Walk, Stanford

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Aug 30 - Sep 1

Camping Trip, Lassen Park

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Sept 28

Oyster Fest at Limantour Beach

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Oct 4

Asian Art Museum, San Francisco

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Oct 25

Tennessee Valley Hike, Mill Valley

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Nov. 8

Introduction of the Consul General, Mr. Geert Criel. Talk by Prof. Eric Vanhautte, followed by a reception offered by Consul General Mr. Geert Criel (Mountain V.)

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Nov. 15

Movie Night:‘In Bruges’, Mountain View

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Dec  7

Visit of Saint Nicolas, Mountain View

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