2006 Events




January 29

New Year’s Reception, Palo Alto

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February 10-12

Ski Trip, Lake Tahoe

April 6

Entrepeneurship Program: Presentation on Walkwire, San Francisco

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April 15

Easter Egg Hunt, Portola Valley

April 25

Talk by Prof. Abicht on “The challenges of multicultural integration across Europe and beyond”, San Francisco

May 16

Talk by Prof. Erik De Corte: “How old is the captain? Children, reality, and mathematics”, Mountain View

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May 21

Bay To Breakers, San Francisco

June 7

Foodsort Second Harvest Food Bank, San Jose

June 13

Talk by Prof. Christophe Crombez on "Current Issues in EU Economic Policy: market integration, the budget, agricultural reform, the Lisbon agenda"

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July 23

National Day Picnic, Tiburon

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September 23

Astronomy Night

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October 6

Get-together with Professor Verdoodt to discuss Emigration from Flanders to the U.S., 21st Amendment, San Francisco

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October 28

Halloween Pumpkin Patch Visit, Half Moon Bay

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November 5

Belgian Movie Night, Mountain View

November 25

Belgian Beer, Friet/Fries, Waffles event with DJ combined with fundraising silent auction

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December 3

Visit by Saint Nicholas, Mountain View

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